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Boot Ranch Farms All Natural Elixers & Salves

Hemp Flower vs. Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Flower Oil or “CBD Oil” is extracted from the Hemp Flower. This is the oil Boot Ranch Farms grows for and uses in all their products. Hemp Seed Oil is pressed from the Hemp Seed. It is high in complex B vitamins, but does not contain CBD. Hemp Flower Oil costs about 500 times more than Hemp Seed Oil.

So, don’t be fooled by companies claiming hemp seed
oil as part or all of the volume of CBD oil in their products!!
Boot Ranch Farms All Natural Elixir and Salves are formulated with simple and All Natural ingredients

Our hemp flower oils are only partially decarboxolized to maintain a high CBDA content which is extremely beneficial for many deep-rooted issues such as arthritis .

As a Full-Spectrum Oil, our products also contain: CBD; CBC; CBG; CBN; etc. We believe in simplicity and legitimacy which our products provide.


Many companies use CBD “Isolate” in their products which
strip many of the beneficial compounds and elements to make oils of nearly 100% or ”pure CBD.” This much inferior product is usually made so hemp oil wholesalers can provide companies who do not farm their own hemp a consistent oil no matter where or how it it is grown and processed.

Research has found when using CBD for long term medicinal reasons, a full-spectrum oil with the natural terpenes of the hemp plant performs exponentially greater than a CBD  isolate.

Boot Ranch Farms only uses the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oils in all their products. We never use isolates!
The Crystals are What We Grow For

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