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Proudly made in the USA

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Boot Ranch Farms is a farm-to-table company
growing the highest quality hemp with a focus
on terpenes to produce premium CBD products. 
CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the 104
beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant.
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Incredible Health Benefits

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are basically the essence oils of the plant. Terpenes are extremely complex elements and vary from one hemp strain to another. But Terpenes contain the key to the most beneficial aspects of CBD.

Understanding the properties and benefits of specific Terpenes is what we specialize in at Book Ranch Farms.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is the Cannabis Plant with less than 0.3% THC in the volume of the dried flower.  Hemp has no psychoactive qualities.

Boot Ranch Farms is licensed, tested and approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol.  It is one of the 104 beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Along with being a natural antiinflammatory, pain reliever and many more extraordinary qualities, CBD has a very similar molecular structure to that found in the human endo-cannabinoidal system which is made up of endocannabinoids and their receptors.

These are found everywhere in the body from the brain and other organs to glands and immune cells.

In a nutshell, by helping the brain understand issues within our own bodies, we can help the body do the healing for us.

What is CBD?

How Does CBD Work on the Body?

The Farm

(877) 453-4997


Boot Ranch Farms

The Secrets of Our Success

Mirage, Colorado

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW!  Here are many of the secrets to our ultra-high grade CBD oils!

We are a small owner-operated off-grid farm in the San Luis
Valley in Colorado.  When we finally made the decision to begin growing Hemp, we made the absolute commitment to make only the VERY FINEST QUALITY CBD OILS ANYWYERE. so our customers would always know they are getting only the best CBD products available.

We decided to employ Solar Power and Artesian Water for growing our superior Hemp.  Unlike many other growers, virtually ALL of our Hemp is grown in individual planter pots and specially designed greenhouses for maximum quality control.


We use exclusively The Bomb soil from Paonia Soil Company which is the most advanced, complete, fully natural and organic soil made.


We employ beneficial insects and over 20,000 species of beneficial microorganisms for insect control, disease control and plant health.

Our genetics are based from the “Acid Rock", "Cherry” and “The Wife hemp strains which are among the highest quality terpene profile and Full Spectrum CBD production in the industry.


All our flower is slow dried in a controlled environment to maintain CBD and Terpene quality. High grade, low temp, closed-loop alcohol extraction is used for hemp flower oil
processing. We leave a small amount of beneficial organic material in our oils to create a full entourage effect of the hemp flower for maximum medicinal quality.


Research has demonstrated that CBD by itself is relatively weak. But by maintaining the natural terpenoids and secondary cannabinoids in the hemp flower oil ( Full Spectrum CBD Oil), a much higher quality and significantly longer-term medicinal effect is created.
Some of the Benefits of CBD Claimed by Our Customers:

"CBD Oils reduce my inflamation"
"It really helps with my arthritis."
"I heard it has beneficial properties against Cancer."
"I've experienced noticable weight loss with CBD."
"CBD oil absolutely helps my son's seizures."
"I use CBD Oil, to control blood sugar levels."
"Sometimes CBD is the only way to reduce my pain."
"My wife sleeps much better since she started using CBD."
"Works on a hangover, I just rub it on my temples."
"There are many great benefits for my pets."

And Many Many More....
The Beautiful San Luis Valley, Colorado
The Products


Our Product Line

Hemp Flower vs. Hemp Seed Oil

Boot Ranch Farms All Natural Elixers
& Salves

Hemp Flower Oil or “CBD Oil” is extracted from the Hemp Flower. This is the oil Boot Ranch Farms grows for and uses in all their products. Hemp Seed Oil is pressed from the Hemp Seed. It is high in complex B vitamins, but does not contain CBD. Hemp Flower Oil costs about 500 times more than Hemp Seed Oil.

So, don’t be fooled by companies claiming hemp seed
oil as part or all of the volume of CBD oil in their products!!
Boot Ranch Farms All Natural Elixir and Salves are formulated with simple and All Natural ingredients

Our hemp flower oils are only partially decarboxolized to maintain a high CBDA content which is extremely beneficial for many deep-rooted issues such as arthritis .

As a Full-Spectrum Oil, our products also contain: CBD; CBC; CBG; CBN; etc. We believe in simplicity and legitimacy which our products provide.


Many companies use CBD “Isolate” in their products which
strip many of the beneficial compounds and elements to make oils of nearly 100% or ”pure CBD.” This much inferior product is usually made so hemp oil wholesalers can provide companies who do not farm their own hemp a consistent oil no matter where or how it it is grown and processed.

Research has found when using CBD for long term medicinal reasons, a full-spectrum oil with the natural terpenes of the hemp plant performs exponentially greater than a CBD  isolate.

Boot Ranch Farms only uses the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oils in all their products. We never use isolates!
The Crystals are What We Grow For
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Order Online
Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the USFDA, although the USFDA has approved the use of CBD for epileptic seizures. CBD interacts with many different neuroceptors suggesting the current studies may just be scratching the surface of CBD therapeutical potential.
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REAL Testimonials
from REAL Customers

"I have been suffering with spinal stenosis and arthritis for 15 years. A friend of mine offered me some Boot Ranch Farms all natural elixir and my pains went away almost immediately."  LS, Baltimore, Maryland

"I had spinal surgery several years ago and was in constant neck pain, using Percocet daily until I tried Boot Ranch Farms All-Natural Elixir. It has changed my life! I live pain and drug free now."  BR, San Diego, CA

​"I have had 3 brain surgeries due to a cyst that covered 2/3 of the surface of my brain.  The pain at times has been unbearable.  Boot Ranch Farms CBD oil has made a significant difference in aleviating pain.  It has also help me with depression and anxiety. Thanks!"  Wendy, Lehi, UT

"Thank you for making me live pain-free again.  Boot Ranch Farms All Natural has changed my life."  Jen, Freemont, CA

"Boot Ranch Farm's CBD oil is awesome. I no longer take Percocet and Relafen after 16 yeaars.  It is wonderful to not need to rely on!"  Barbara
      "Hi, I recently sent some of your CBD oil to my sister back east. She has a history of cancer and bipolar disorder. She also has a friend who is a brittle diabetic who she shared some of the oil with. They both had superior results with this oil.
      "Her friend used a small amount of the oil and got instant results on her chronic neuropathic pain that she has in her feet. She says it works better than anything else she has tried pharmaceutically.
      "My sister states its helping her anxiety and she is hoping it will help with her GI issues. I am an RN and I will be recommending your product to patients and friends when ever possible.
      I want to compliment you on a great product. This is by far the best CBD oil we've used yet.
      Thanks Again for a great product and keep up the good work. I'll be getting more soon!"  ML, Seattle, WA

"I've had joint problems in my hip, legs and arms for years. Nothing seemed to take the aches and pains away until I tried Boot Ranch Farms All Natural. It has alleviated my pain, increased my energy and absolutely love it!"  JT, Far West UT"

"I have suffered chronic arthritis in my shoulders until I discovered Boot Ranch Farms All Natural Salve."  FR, Scituate, MA

"I am an avid fly fisherman and use the cream on the cuts I get from the fishing line.  It's amazing how quickly they heal.  GREAT PRODUCT!!"  Rod, Park City, UT

"Awesome!  the tincture calms my nerves in my stressful occupation."  TB, Yonkers, NY

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Proudly made in the USA

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