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Meet The Team

A small owner-operated off-grid farm in the San Luis Valley in Colorado.  When we finally made the decision to begin growing Hemp, we made the absolute commitment to make only the VERY FINEST QUALITY CBD OILS ANYWYERE. so our customers would always know they are getting only the best CBD products available.

With Bootranch Farms you are getting the very best CBD around!

About Us

Boot Ranch Farms is licensed, tested and approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.CO dept or AG, boot ranch farms

What We Do & How We Do It

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW!  Here are many of the secrets to our ultra-high grade CBD oils!

We Are Green

We decided to employ Solar Power and Artesian Water for growing our superior Hemp.  Unlike many other growers, virtually ALL of our Hemp is grown in individual planter pots and specially designed greenhouses for maximum quality control.

The Very Best Soil

We use exclusively The Bomb soil from Paonia Soil Company which is the most advanced, complete, fully natural and organic soil made.

Nature's Helpers

We employ beneficial insects and over 20,000 species of beneficial microorganisms for insect control, disease control and plant health.

Top Strains

Our genetics are based from the “Cherry” and “WifeHemp strains which are among the highest quality terpene profile and Full Spectrum CBD production in the industry.

How We Work


All our flower is slow dried in a controlled environment to maintain CBD and Terpene quality. High grade, low temp, closed-loop alcohol extraction is used for hemp flower oil
processing. We leave a small amount of beneficial organic material in our oils to create a full entourage effect of the hemp flower for maximum medicinal quality.


Many want more than just CBD in their products. So, by maintaining the natural terpenoids and secondary cannabinoids in the hemp flower oil (Full Spectrum CBD Oil), a much broader quality and significantly more natural product is created.


Above all our top priority is to provide our customers with the absolute best HEMP products possible. We use love, care & attention to detail to insure our CBD is all natural